I really do appreciate all the people who are reaching out wanting to help.  The questions and insights everyone has are all very intelligent & show how much talent we truly have here in the Valley.  I’m working on finding a venue somewhere where we might all get together for some brainstorming sometime soon.  Thanks again to everyone who has taken the time to show their interest. ( Chomping at the bit to get this going soon !! )

Take care  — Kirk Raup

Calgary soaring transit USE

And yet Calgary is attracting big crowds to its transit system, and those crowds continue to increase in size. Like several of its Canadian counterparts, Calgary is demonstrating that even when residential land use is oriented strongly towards auto dependency, it is possible to encourage massive use of the transit system. As I’ll explain below, however, strong transit use in Calgary has not been a fluke; it is the consequence of a strong public policy to reduce car use downtown. It provides an important lesson for other largely suburban North American cities that are examining how to reduce their automobile use.

~ Yonah Freemark, from Calgary’s soaring transit use suggests high ridership is possible even in sprawling cities